About Barbara Boyd


Barbara is an award-winning Kelowna realtor, who is deeply committed to more than just completing real estate transactions. Her approach emphasizes dedication and a genuine commitment to her clients' needs and aspirations. She takes great pleasure in helping each client navigate the real estate process, ensuring that their unique goals and preferences are met.

For her, real estate isn't solely about buying or selling property; it's about forming meaningful connections with her clients and understanding their specific requirements. By focusing on this personal touch, she aims to provide a comprehensive and fulfilling real estate experience that goes beyond the transactional aspect.

This level of dedication and enjoyment in assisting her clients not only sets her apart as a realtor but also contributes to her success and the positive reputation she has in Kelowna and the Okanagan area.

Barbara is not only dedicated to her profession but also cherishes her role as a mom and is actively involved in her family life. She enjoys spending quality time with her two young grandchildren, creating precious memories with them.

Outside of her professional and family commitments, this realtor has a vibrant personal life. She has a beloved companion, a miniature schnauzer named Milo, with whom she enjoys long walks around the scenic areas of Kelowna and the Okanagan region. Additionally, she has a passion for outdoor activities and embraces the beauty of the surrounding nature. Hiking, skiing, golfing, and snowshoeing are some of her favorite pastimes, which allow her to engage with the outdoors and stay active throughout the year.

Overall, this realtor seems to have a well-rounded lifestyle that balances career success, family time, and personal interests, making her a dynamic and admirable individual in her community